mercredi 15 février 2012

Nuit blanche

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DirectorFrédéric Jardin
CoproducerPaul Thilges Distributions
WriterFrédéric Jardin, Nicolas Saada et Olivier Douyère
CastTomer Sisley
Joey Starr
Julien Boisselier
Serge Riaboukine
Laurent Stocker
Samy Seghir
Dominique Bettenfeld
Adel Bencherif
Birol Ünel
Lizzi Bocheré
GenreAction, Thriller
Production Year2011
Run time102 min
1st Public Screening16/10/2011
Plot SummaryA cop, Vincent, steals a big bag of cocaine from some gangsters, but he's identified during the operation. The gangsters then decide to kidnap his son to get back the cocaine. But of course Vincent is no longer in possesion of the stuff. To rescue his son he will have to find his way through the night club owned by the enemies and defer as much as he can the time of the exchange. The upcoming night seems to be the longest of his life and maybe even the last one ...