vendredi 17 janvier 2014


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Film de Olivier Koos
1929. The nobleman Henrik L. checks in at the Grand Hotel with his family. However, the reason for his visit is rather unpleasant: his son is seriously ill and needs treatment. Troubled by their sickly son’s condition and the international stock market crash, the couple faces hard times. Frustrated and lonesome, Henrik makes the acquaintance of the flamboyant femme fatale Asta Nielsen, the famous silent movie star at the hotel bar and Henrik quickly falls for her intoxicating flirtations and commits adultery.
Société de production luxembourgeoise Equinox Productions
Genre Drame
Durée exacte 15 minutes
Année de production 2013
Distribution/Sortie en salle au Luxembourg Discovery Zone mars 2014
Langue(s) du film Anglais