vendredi 17 janvier 2014

Belle du seigneur

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Film de Glenio Bonder 
Logically a world stands between Ariane and Solal; she, young and married, from a Geneva Protestant grand bourgeois family, he a Jewish diplomat, rising from nowhere to the second highest position in the League of Nations on the eve of the Second World War. Carried away by their ardent love, soon abandoned to themselves, alone, they not only have to face the rest of the world\'s hostility, but above all, must battle their own demons. Solal is haunted by a totally obsessive love. Ariane is carried away by a passionate and physical love. Their love is based on an initial and fundamental misunderstanding. He loves the idea of Ariane. She loves the reality of Solal.
Société de production luxembourgeoise Delux Productions
Genre Drame
Durée exacte 105 minutes
Année de production 2011
Distribution/Sortie en salle au Luxembourg 19 juin 2013
Langue(s) du film Anglais