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Hannah Arendt

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Film de Margarethe von Trotta
When the world-famous philosopher Hannah Arendt publishes her articles on the trial of Nazi mass murderer Adolf Eichmann in "The New Yorker", a global outcry of indignation is the result. Her life, name and reputation are under threat. Even some of her lifelong friends find it hard to accept her unemotional approach and her interpretation of the History especially given the fact that Arendt herself had been forced to flee from the Nazis' detention camps. Defending her opinions with an admirable courage, she refuses to be shaken by the bitter dispute. And, while most of the world sees Eichmann as nothing but a monster and does not want to hear about the "banality of evil", an evil that can affect any of us, young students are mesmerized by her bold analysis. Margarethe von Trotta's feature film is a stirring glimpse into the turbulences caused by Arendt's uncompromising political thought and the portrait of an exceptional woman.
Société de production luxembourgeoise Amour Fou Luxembourg
Genre Biographie/drame
Durée exacte 110 minutes
Année de production 2012
Distribution/Sortie en salle au Luxembourg 16/01/2013
Langue(s) du film Allemand, anglais