vendredi 17 janvier 2014

Never Die Young

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Film de Pol Cruchten
It's a story about a boy It's a story about a small town; nobody famous ever comes out of a small town It's a story about drugs and a teenager It's him against the world It takes place in the seventies and goes on until today It's the story about a wheelchair Wheelchairs and drugs The story is a true story Some of you won't understand The facts, the reasons that made him feel like Jesus ‘son It's the story about a struggle, courage in a world unknown to most of us It's a story that must be told Childhood, drugs, arrest, escape, accident, wheelchair But life goes on with wheels on fire If you know the facts print the legend.
Société de production luxembourgeoise Red Lion
Genre Documentaire
Durée exacte 66 minutes
Année de production 2012
Distribution/Sortie en salle au Luxembourg Mars 2013
Langue(s) du film Français