vendredi 17 janvier 2014


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Film de Eric Lamhène
“Serena” is the story of a crime as experienced by its perpetrator - a group of young affluent teenagers who commit a terrible deed and, in so doing, become victims themselves. It is a story about violence and ensuing guilt, where seemingly harmless games quickly become deadly serious. Greg (16) and his friends Felix (17) and Matthieu (16) are chilling and waiting for the youngest, prospective member of their group, Joé (15). Little Joé arrive not only badly dressed, but with an awkwardness about him that smacks of first night out…ever. Greg and the others laugh, as usual. Joé takes it, as usual, but he is getting sick of it. Greg keeps pushing him all night until Joé finally stands u for himself, which in turn challenges the leader of the pack’s authority. The natural, adequate, response for Greg is violence. Soon, Greg leads his friends down a path where violence quickly spirals out of control and from which there is no return.
Société de production luxembourgeoise Samsa Film
Genre Drame
Durée exacte 16 minutes
Année de production 2013
Distribution/Sortie en salle au Luxembourg Discovery Zone mars 2014
Langue(s) du film Luxembourgeois